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Rob Trevino

Hey, everyone! My name is Rob Trevino. I have been part of the Metroflex family for about 4 months now. I wanted to let you all know that Metroflex gym is an awesome place to be a part of. I love seeing how the MMA fighters and bodybuilders are so proud to represent Metroflex when they are competing. That makes me swell up with pride because they represent my gym, my home! However, I thought about it for a minute and realized I too represent Metroflex. I represent the part of Metroflex that is the regular people who just want to get healthier.

Don’t let the pictures of muscle bound guys fool you. Us fattys are here too! Seriously, though, we are here to lose some pounds and get healthier! The difference is this, Daniel and Michelle Hagerty care about people, they care about me. They have proven this time after time. The commitment they have shown me to help me reach my health goals has been so awesome! Daniel has shown me how to eat better and how to exercise where I get results and have fun doing it. I love that on my gloomy days where I don’t feel like working out Michelle has been there to say, “Hey, you’re here. Just keep going!” That type of caring is not something I expected from a gym. That’s what you get when you have a place that follows Jesus Christ’s example of loving others regardless of belief or lifestyle. 

Metroflex Gym is the best gym in San Marcos hands down. If you don’t believe me come see for yourself and you’ll be hooked! For those that are a part of the Metroflex family, keep it up and go for your goals! Also, if you happen to see me around doing my thing, don’t be shy and say hi! After all we are a part of the same family, the Metroflex Family!!

Amanda Stevenson

I've been training at Metroflex Gym in San Marcos for almost two years now. I love the atmoshphere, working out here is amazing because there is a awesome support system of people that really care. I've had several tradgedies happen over the past two years working out here from losing a friend too early in life, to several family illnesses and deaths and through everything, Daniel and Michelle (the owners of the gym) have been there for me and helped me work through greif and pain. I honestly don't know what I would do without them in my life sometimes.

Daniel and Michelle convinced me over this time to train for a NPC show. I started training for my first show in April of 2012 and competed on June 22nd. Daniel trained me himself, and I absolutely loved working with him. He was availale via phone all the time and on top of that would send me motivational text messages which really helped on those days when I felt like giving up. On top of that on several occasions during my training I had people come up to me and tell me how awesome I was looking, or that they could really see my progress when I was in the gym and really needed some motivation.

Michelle personally did my spray tan for the competition which was awesome. I went from around 16% body fat in April to 8-9% body fat in June. I ended up placing 8th out of 22 girls in the Bikini category. It's funny now looking back at pictures of myself from before I started working out here. I didn't look bad by any means, and I was skinny, but looking at how far I have come there is a huge difference in my mind. I could never allow myself to return to what I looked like before. I wouldn't want to work out anywhere else, Metroflex Gym in San Marcos is like my second home. And they treat everyone like family.

Alexis Ewers

I don't even know where to start about Daniel. He is one of the few coaches who actually care about his clients, whether that be getting you dialed in physically or making sure you are ok mentally. 

I remember the day I met him...I was so intimidated and didn't even know how I would go about prepping for a show. He makes everything easy. Telling you exactly what to do, how to do it and how much, so basically he takes all of the stress and worry off of it. His plans are in great detail... Cardio, workouts, diet, supplements. All you have to do it follow what he gives you and if you screw up because life happens.. Then just be honest so he can adjust accordingly. That's a great thing about him. He has patience and wants to help you succeed with whatever goal you set. I remember I went to him multiple times in tears because of things like school, boy issues, period issues ect. and not following the diet...not only did he make me feel less guilty about messing up, he immediately stopped what he was doing to give me a huge hug and talk me through whatever issue it was with meaningful advice...yes he even went up to the boyfriend and had that talk with them ha! 

Not only was he my coach, but he became a father figure to me. He and his wife are like family to me, and they are the most selfless individuals you'll find... Which is what I honestly think people need when they take on a fitness joirney.. You want those kinds of people around to keep you accountable and eager to work.
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