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Metroflex Gym houses quality trainers that guarantee results. The shortest distance from point A to point B is a straight line. Don’t waste your time or hard earned money on gimmicks or unqualified trainers that won’t get you the results you deserve. A personal trainer is an investment in yourself, and using one of our top level personal trainers will guarantee you make the most of that investment. Just check out what some of our members are saying.
You are different. Metroflex Gym is different. The only rule here is that you leave better than you arrived. You will receive help on all your training, diet, and supplementation.
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Daniel Hagerty - Co-Owner

I've been in the fitness industry for over 16 years. I have always been active in sports and physical activity, competing in power lifting, strongman events, and semi-professional football. I am currently an NPC bodybuilder and show prep specialist.

Over the years I have worked with many different clientele from the average individual looking to get in shape to professional athletes. I am certified through NASM and I am also a nutrition coach. Through research and trial and error I have come to find what works and what doesn't. There really is no simple solution, it is all about consistency and determination. My motto is "Be like the tortoise, slow and steady.", as we all know he won the race not the hare.
Specializing in:
  • Weightloss
  • Strength Training
  • Physique Development
  • Injury Rehab
  • Sport Specific
  • Contest Preparation
  • Online coaching programs available
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Phone: 830-837-6738

Michelle Hagerty 
instagram - @michi_worldofchaos 

Dan Burke

(979) 319-6708 
Burk's Strength and Conditioning for Sports Performance and Fitness

Dr. Walter Nickells, DC

With over 20 years of experience in the practice of Chiropractic healthcare, over 300 hours of postdoctoral education in functional neurology, 10 years experience as an educator teaching Anatomy/Physiology and Diseases of the Human Body, I know the human body!

Kimberly williams

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